Supply chain

Unparalleled supply chain expertise

Our supply chain strategy and organization ensure that each step in the supply chain can be executed in the most sustainable, compliant, and cost-effective way. Our third-party logistics infrastructure is resilient, allows access to cutting-edge technologies in logistics, and improve scalability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.


With the ability to use different modes of transport such as air, water, and land transport including rail we provide comprehensive integrated supply chain solutions on a global scale. Our network offers a 24h lead-time for local delivery and we continuously strive to develop efficient and sustainable delivery models.


By partnering with professional third-party logistics providers, we offer a multi-resource, scalable warehouse infrastructure that is aligned with the needs and requirements of our product portfolio, including handling of bulk (liquid & solid) and packed material . Whilst offering innovative and impactful solutions this setup ensures stringent health and safety compliance. Via our performance measurement programs we endeavor operational excellence.


Our service portfolio offers a range of different repacking or refilling activities, including the handling of liquid and solid bulk material, sourcing of empty packaging material, and the expertise to provide new labels in line with regulations. Goods can be repacked from bulk container into IBC’s, drums, cans, or bags, or vice versa. All repacking is done by professional specialist partners and handled according to our strict procedures to avoid any risk on contamination or spillage of material. 
Using the latest technology in distribution logistics, we provide a uniform and professional sampling process, from order processing, labeling, material handling to inventory management and client reporting. Samples are distributed across the globe and delivered within 24-72 hours depending on the destination.

"IMCD operates a resilient and agile supply chain model to accommodate rapidly changing market conditions, allowing us to foster business growth and innovation. "

Stan Bijsterveld

Global Supply Chain Director

Digital connectivity

We aim for digital connectivity with all third-party logistic providers to ensure flawless data exchange and create visibility throughout the supply chain. Exchange of critical master data and order information, instant access to product documentation for our partners, real-time view on stock levels, and capturing actual transport data.

Third-party screening
IMCD has a robust third party due diligence process by implementation of the ESG Standards for IMCD Business Partners. These apply to all business partners in IMCD's supply chain and sets minimum requirements on environmental social and governance topics, including the ethical business conduct that is expected form IMCD's partners. This in addition to the request of quality management certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Responsible Care, among others).

External sustainability initiatives

Throughout 2021 IMCD was a committed participant in various external initiatives, networks, and platforms with a focus on sustainable logistics. Examples hereof include EcoVadis' "Together for Sustainability" (TfS) initiative. We aim to develop and implement a global audit programme to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industry.


Sustainability has been embedded in our selection criteria and the development will be closely monitored together with our standard operating procedures. Via our nonconformance reporting process we conducts quarterly business reviews to ensure continuous improvement.

Working with IMCD gives you access to our global 24-hour emergency response numbers, available to help in case of an incident
(hosted by CareChem24).

Dialling these numbers, specific to each region, will connect you with a specialist, who has access to all relevant safety data sheets and can give advice on what to do in emergency situations, such as when there’s a leaking package or a truck collision. Should it be necessary, they will also inform the emergency services. The numbers can be found below and are also printed on all labels and paperwork.

Worldwide (Multilingual) 
+44 (0) 3700 492 795


New Zealand
0800 500 288

United Kingdom (English only) 
+44 (0) 1865 407 333 


United States
+1 800 424 9300

1800 625 526