Improving your Product’s Sustainability through Recycled PET

Close-up of shredded recycled PET plastic flakes in the foreground with bales of compressed plastic waste blurred in the background, indicating recycling and sustainability efforts.


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Sustainability is a top priority for IMCD. Our Advanced Materials team is cooperating with INEOS to bring you a sustainable solution for PET resins: Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET)  

Recycled PET has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable alternative for many products. It allows you to improve the sustainability of your product and achieve many other benefits.  

Components of Recycled PET

Every 220 kg drum of Aropol & Polaris PT resin includes recycled PET material equivalent in volume to 1,800 plastic bottles. Therefore, choosing recycled PET helps promote sustainability, as well as drastically reduce your product's carbon footprint. PET recycling saves significant amounts of energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to producing new PET from virgin sources.  

Additionally, nowadays recycled PET shows comparable durability and performance to traditional PET. This means that you can maintain the functionality of your products while reducing the consumption of new resources. All of this without compromising on performance! 

“As much effort as we put into the path of sustainability today, the more future generations will thank us”, says Cristian Patrichi, Business Unit Manager for Advanced Materials – Composites in South East Europe.  

Why you should switch to Recycled PET

Cristian Patrich, Business Unit Manager
Cristian Patrichi

Business Unit Manager, Advanced Materials (Composites)


  • Reduces volumes of plastic waste
  • Saves natural resources
  • Saves energy in production process

High Mechanicals

  • Stronger
  • More flexible


  • Less material costs
  • Improving your reputation
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Your product's sustainability can be increased with Recycled PET to reduce your carbon footprint. By utilizing Recycled PET, companies can reduce the demand for plastic, limiting the amount of waste generated. Recycled materials can decrease the demand for virgin plastic production and consequently reduce energy consumption. Additionally, incorporating Recycled PET also helps in saving natural resources.  

Furthermore, it maintains high mechanical properties, ensuring that your product's functionality and performance will be just as good as with traditional PET. Products made from Recycled PET will provide the necessary robustness and reliability, as well as the flexibility.   

Choosing recycled PET is not only a sustainable choice but also a cost-competitive one. In addition to cost benefits, incorporating recycled PET into your product can help reduce material costs overall. Consumers and partners also value sustainable practices, enhancing your company's reputation.  

Therefore, Recycled PET not only helps in minimizing your carbon footprint but also leads to cost savings, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and your business's bottom line.  

For more information on switching to recycled PET, please contact your local IMCD representative.  

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