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Revolutionizing Maritime: How Recycled Plastic Paves the Way for Eco-Friendly Boating with Leidi 990

Leidi 990 a premium motorboat made from recycled plastic bottles

The future of the maritime industry is here, and it's wrapped in recycled plastic bottles. Yes, you read that right! Let's dive into the story of Croatian shipbuilders Leidi and their latest premium motorboat model, the Leidi 990, set to redefine sustainability in the maritime sector.  


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Since 2005, Leidi has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high-end boats. With the Leidi 990, their ingenuity took a sustainable turn. The goal? To create a motorboat that embodies the future of the maritime industry without compromising on design, quality, or performance.   

A Sustainable Shift in Maritime Industry 

The maritime world has seen a shift towards lighter, faster, and more eco-friendly boats. Leidi wanted to stand out with the Leidi 990, due to launch in July 2023. The focus was on innovative materials that would bring sustainability and performance together in a seamless blend. 

Sustainability Meets Quality 

Leidi's commitment to circular economy principles guided their innovation. They aimed to use renewable raw materials to enhance the boat’s sustainability, reduce its weight, and consequently lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It's a win-win for the planet and boat performance. 

Recycled Plastic: A Groundbreaking Solution 

Longtime client of IMCD, Leidi, needed the strongest and most sustainable materials. The solution? PET resin and PET cores and foams made from recycled plastic bottles.

Marsel Brkić, owner of Leidi, affirmed, “This is the right way for the future of the maritime industry. We were very satisfied with the support from IMCD.” 

Solid Savings and Performance 

The Leidi 990, weighing around 5 tonnes, benefits from a 20% weight reduction compared to traditional laminate. It's a significant improvement in performance, facilitated by IMCD's supply of most raw materials, leading to efficient time, cost, and logistics management.

Damir VinkovićTechnical Sales Manager at IMCD Advanced Materials, expressed pride in the project, calling it a "big step in the maritime industry.

The Leidi 990 is more than a motorboat; it's a symbol of innovation and sustainability. Want to learn more about how IMCD can assist you in selecting materials for both sustainability and performance? Contact our Advanced Materials team today! 
Damir Vinkovic
Damir Vinkovic

Technical Sales Manager, Advanced Materials
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Quick Insights:

The Leidi 990 employs PET resin and PET cores and foams derived from recycled plastic bottles, a first in durability and sustainability.