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At IMCD Pharmaceuticals, we support customers around the world to contribute to a healthier future for people and the planet.

Advancing Ideas for a Healthy Future

With a network of six dedicated pharmaceutical technical centres and more than 250 sales and marketing experts across the globe, we have the capability to support our customers and partners at every stage of the product development cycle. From synthesis of the active ingredient, to formulation with the highest quality functional excipients, we help to deliver the optimal final dosage form.

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Together we deliver innovation for a healthy world.

Our technical experts offer valuable insights into market trends, as well as expert formulation advice and support to meet all your requirements. Our unrivalled technical expertise in excipient performance and functionality, alongside regulatory and quality support, mean we provide added value every step of the way.

We offer a wide and comprehensive product portfolio with the highest quality active ingredients and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agrochemical, biopharma, and regulated synthesis markets.

Our team is passionate about supporting customer needs. Are you ready for a healthier future? Contact us today.

Experience our SEE Pharmaceuticals expertise
IMCD Pharmaceuticals is your partner of choice for Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Agrochemicals and Biotech in Southeast Europe. With our dedicated and passionate team we offer unrivalled expertise and services to help you grow your business.

Due to our strong partnerships with best-in-class suppliers we are able to offer you the right products to serve your needs. Our product portfolio includes excipients, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), key organic compounds and solvents required for their synthesis, Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (ANIs) as well as products for the Agrochemicals and fast-growing Biopharma market.
With our Technical Application Lab equipped with state of the art small scale production capabilities and located in Cologne, we are able to offer hands on formulation of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical dosage forms, technical workshops (or trainings) and individual support upon request.

Reach out to our local experts in SEE and learn more about our product portfolio, our in-depth technical expertise alongside our regulatory and quality support we can provide for your business. 

“Our pharmaceutical experts are passionate to support you with technical expertise, innovative solutions and highest quality functional ingredients, at every stage of the product development, from synthesis of the active ingredient to formulation of final dosage form.”

Snezana Tomasev 
Business Unit Manager, Pharmaceuticals,
South East Europe 
Snezana Tomasev,  Business Unit Manager of Pharmaceuticals in IMCD South East Europe

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