ADIPRENE L 42 is a liquid urethane elastomer which yields high quality vulcanizates of 80 durometer A hardness when cured with MBCA*. ADIPRENE L 42 products have good tear strength, good abrasion resistance, and excellent flex life. They are very flexible at low temperatures having a torsional modulus of 10,000 psi (703 kg./sq. cm.) at -80F (-62C), and a brittleness temperature of -130F (-90C). ADIPRENE L 42 has been found suitable for the preparation of rolls, solid tires, diaphragms, boots, and for other applications where good flex life is needed. It should also be considered for making seals, bushings, and mountings for use at very low temperatures. ADIPRENE L 42 resembles ADIPRENE L-100 in its processing and handling characteristics, and can be processed in the same type of automatic mixing equipment used to process ADIPRENE L-100.

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