Pre-emulsified elastomer gel (DM-5) of 65% active. Granpremul provides sufficiently low viscosity for the use of a pump to feed batch. It can be easily dispersed in water and allows for cold process in one step, one kettle while delivering excellent silicone elastomer benefits.


  • Can be easily formulated into O/W emulsions (suggested 2-50% level).
  • Applications include (but are not limited to) skincare, color cosmetic and sun care.
  • Consistent texture, no lumps or grainy particles.
  • Pourable, pump friendly viscosity for batching.
  • Eliminates pre-mix for cold and prop-mixing process.
  • Miscible in water for aqua products.
  • Delivers noticeable softer feel than pure silicone elastomer gel.
  • Non irritating and non-sensitizing pre-emulsified elastomer gel.

1 Trade grade

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