*PARALOID K Acrylic processing aids – providing high efficiency, surface smoothness, faster fusion and highly homogenous melts for plastic additives, and melt strength for an improved foaming process for PVC building and construction products that yield lower density, higher expansion and very fine cell structure *PARALOID EXL Impact modifiers are used successfully in the impact modification of PC, PBT, PA and a variety of other polymers, as well as blends and glass-reinforced systems. * PARALOID KM (acrylic Impact Modifiers) and PARALOID BTA (MBS impact modifiers) enhancing impact efficiency for vinyl and high clarity and high-impact resistance for PVC packaging applications.


  • *PARALOID K Acrylic processing aids:
  • Promote gelation/fusion
  • Improve dispersion and melt homogeneity
  • Increase melt strenght, melt elongation, melt elasticity
  • Improved surface finish
  • Improved gloss, if needed
  • Wider processing window
  • Improved dimension control
  • Low density on foamed PVC
  • Productivity gain
  • *PARALOID KM (Acrylic Impact Modifiers)
  • Outdoor PVC applications
  • Good balance of impact strenght , gloss and rheology
  • Opaqua and Clear application
  • * PARALOID BTA (MBS Impact Modifiers)
  • Indoor applications
  • Excellent impact strenght
  • Good balance optical properties and crease whitening resistance
  • Clear and Opaque application
  • * PARALOID EXL impact modifiers
  • Low temperature Impact performance
  • Room temperature impact performance
  • Thermal stability
  • Hydrolic stability

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