Isohexadecane has a very low evaporation rate coupled with low viscosity. In common with the other isoparaffin series it has a very high water interfacial tension, and emulsifies readily to give robust and flexible base emulsions that can carry your other ingredients with reduced risk of phase separation. In the rub out phase, isohexadecane leaves a pleasant silky feel on the skin, neither greasy nor oily, and it is fully compatible with other hydrocarbons and silicones when tactile cascade effects are required. Isohexadecane is not an aggressive solvent, but works well in two phase make-up removers where it acts to break down surface sebum / water/ solids structures. It will not, however, de-fat skin, and it is not comedogenic. In polymer containing formulations, isohexadecane can be used a plasticizer without the risk of introducing potential incompatibilities.


  • Solvent
  • Hydrocarbon Solvents

1 Trade grade

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